Cooking Tips by Chef Andrew Walsh, Esquina:

For Salad of Seasonal Spring Vegetables:

  • ∙ The smoked egg yolk puree is made by cooking the eggs in a water bath at 67 degrees for 50 minutes.
  • ∙ All spring vegetables are cooked to order in a stock made of pea shells so nice and sweet.
  • ∙ Then slow cook eggs in 65 degrees and cook for 45 minutes.
  • ∙ It is important that eggs are at room temp before cooking.

Cooking Tips by Chef Christophe Saintagne, Le Meurice:

  • ∙ To ensure getting the right texture, remove one scale out of two of the bass’ skin, then only cook on the skin side with the pan.
  • ∙ Be sure to desalinate the olives for 30min in abundant water, so that the tapenade is not too salty.
  • ∙ To obtain crunchy celery slides, use the mandolin technique to trim them and drop the chips in ice­water for an hour.
  • ∙ To make a light and tasty orange sauce, emulsify a reduced orange juice + a fresh juice combined with olive oil.

Cooking Tips by Chef Silvia Percussi, Vinheria Percussi:

To cook pasta to perfection:

The secret is in the amount of water: 1 litre per 100g of pasta. There's no need to add oil or olive oil. Just salt. Wait for the water to boil and cook the pasta according to the time advised by the maker.


The type of sauce

Long pasta (such as spaghetti and tagliatelle) is perfect with lighter/more fluid sauces. Save the heavier/creamier sauces for short pasta,such as penne.


"Sushi Etiquette" by Chef Yoshiharu “Kaki” Kakinuma, Sushi Shikon:

Please follow this guide for enjoying fine sushi:

  • 1. Feel free to ask the chef questions at any time!

  • 2. Awareness of, and respect for fellow guests will help everyone enjoy the unique experience.

  • 3. It is ideal to eat the sushi within 30 seconds after it has been served. The temperature of the “shari” sushi rice is adjusted by the chef for different fish, so the sushi is at its tastiest just after serving.