A clash of fashion and food for your entertainment, let's take you to London where everything is beyond incomparable. Satisfy your cravings with a gorgeous taste of London in a relaxed yet vibrant Michellin starred restaurant or give it a twist on an exotic journey to the East. London has defintely a lot to offer.


Your fashion food truck is going to arrive next to the Big Apple, New York. From street vendors to fine dining, Middle Eastern to European, it’s harder to find what’s not on offer, than what is. Take a bite to the dining equivalent of haute couture, Caviar Russe, or step inside to Michelin starred "Tulsi" and become a maharaja for a day.


Talking about fashion and food, we wouldn't dare miss out the home of high fashion and exquisite cuisine, Paris. When you think about food in France, it is just like creating a one-of-a-kind fashion design - it is refine, sophisticated and delicious. Let the plate do the talking and see it for yourself!


A must-try food from the little red that, that is Singapore, is well loved for its flavor with fashion. Set your mood for another food adventure with an attractive proportion of avant-garde dishes. Truly, food and fashion is an important aspect in Singapore.


There are two things Sao Paulo is best known for in Brazil: people and food. Because the city's sprawling population represents every ethnicity in the country, cuisine in Sao Paulo is the result of an exquisite blend between European, Indian, and African ingredients. Let's enjoy the variety of life with four of the renown gastronomic houses this Brazilian cosmopolitan has to offer.


If you love food as much as you love fashion, then you might just want to move in Hong Kong. Our next main stop to a sumptuous feast, Hong Kong offers a variety of mind-blogging foods, from oriental to western, high-end to fast fashion, there is always something for everyone. Enjoy a delectable dining experience to Hong Kong's newest "it" destination or amuse yourself with the restaurant's exquisite interior details that reminds us of the collections straight from a fashion runway.