Sushi Shikon

Awarded three Michelin stars in the 2014 Hong Kong/Macau Michelin Guide, Sushi Shikon is the quintessential Ginza sushi experience, now available in Hong Kong.

Sushi Shikon is the first branch of Sushi Yoshitake in Ginza, founded by Master Chef Masahiro Yoshitake, which has been holding three Michelin stars in Tokyo since 2012. Each day, the finest fresh ingredients are flown to Hong Kong live from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market, and extraordinary lengths have been taken to provide not just world-class Japanese cuisine, but also a complete cultural experience. The restaurant is overseen by executive chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma, who worked with Chef Yoshitake in Tokyo for several years before taking over Sushi Shikon in Hong Kong.

Dining at Sushi Shikon is an unforgettable experience, served in an intimate atmosphere, where guests interact with and observe the master chefs craft each dish over the course of a two-hour meal from just across a beautiful, 8-seat wooden Hinoki counter.

Chef Yoshiharu “Kaki” Kakinuma

As a third-generation sushi chef, sushi is part of Chef Kakinuma's DNA. After passing up a pro rugby career following university, Chef Kaki, set out to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps and launch with the aim of becoming a sushi master. He began learning under three-michelin starred chef, Mr. Yoshitake in Tokyo. After apprenticing at Sushi Yoshitake for many years, he moved to the U.S. to expand his kitchen prowess and better-learnt English.

After working in kitchens in Atlanta and NYC, Chef Kakinuma moved to Hong Kong to open the first outpost of Sushi Yoshitake, Sushi Shikon. Attaining his first two Michelin Stars in his first year, he later went to achieve the restaurant's third Michelin Star in 2014. Chef Kakinuma is a talented chef with a warm personality who takes great joy in educating diners on the history and culture of every plate he serves.

Nanhai No. 1

Combining contemporary Chinese cuisine, cutting-edge interior design and famous city panoramas, Nanhai no. 1 is Hong Kong's newest destination restaurant.

Named after pioneering Chinese naval explorer Zheng He's 15th-century 'treasure fleet', Nanhai no.1 is envisioned as a culinary voyage of exploration inspired by the sea.

Daily fresh seafood caught in the South China Sea is the star attraction of the restaurant and the seafood is prepared in a variety of culinary expressions - ranging from roasted, steamed and sautéed to baked, stir-fired, pan-fired or grilled.

Chef Tsang Wai Kiu

Chef Tsang has a wealth of 15 years’ experience in cooking and most of the years were spent in Lei Garden Restaurant Group and Tao Heung Group. With such a profound culinary background, Chef Tsang is no doubt a veteran in traditional Cantonese cooking. Without compromise, Chef Tsang dares to take up challenges and aspires to showcase for Hong Kong diners a new dimension of Cantonese cuisine.

In addition to traditional Cantonese dishes, Chef Tsang also blends in a great variety of exotic ingredients from South East Asia and the West in his cooking so as to give the Cantonese fare a contemporary touch. It is a new culinary inspiration breaking through the traditional constraints and making the most of the strengths of other cuisines to enhance one’s own. With this brilliant insight, Chef Tsang and his dishes are definitely nothing ordinary. Among his many creative dishes, he is most proud of Pan-fried Rice with Shrimps and Cheese and Zhenghe Chili Crab. They both well demonstrate his principle of balance in presentation, aroma and flavor, which is quite a test to a chef.

With intense interest and talent in cooking, Chef Tsang is highly dedicated to new creations. Whether it be printed knowledge or sheer observation of others’ cooking, all help to give him inspiration in cooking. Chef Tsang never fails to surprise his customers with remarkable creations.


Located on the first floor of Fenwick Pier, GIANDO Italian Restaurant & Bar commands an impressive view of Hong Kong skyline. It was only fitting to call the new restaurant GIANDO – short for ‘Giandomenico’, Caprioli’s first name.

The restaurant is a minimalist on decoration as the main focus is primarily on the menu, which makes good use of freshly imported Italian produce. “All too often restaurants with a view use it to cover up poor-quality food, and this won’t be the case for Giando” the chef-owner said. The restaurant is in prime location to take advantage of the soon-to-be-completed waterfront development, which is already offering benefits with the nearby Tamar government site’s road network giving improved access to Fenwick Pier.

Giandomenico “Gianni” Caprioli

Hailing from Potenza and born into a family of cooks, Gianni has been the private chef to one of Italy’s wealthiest families, the Agnelli in Turin. Gianni has cooked for the family during their travels and at home, as well as catered banquets to prominent private guests representing a Who’s Who of Italy.

Gianni started his career in his brother’s restaurant and trained at a hotel school. From 1988-1990, he developed his skills in homemade pastas and Romagna-style cooking in San Marino. Gianni’s expertise flourished working under Italian master chef Gino Angelini at the Grand Hotel des Bains in Riccione from1992-1994. From 1995-1996, he managed and trained staff for the famous Rex’s group of restaurants in the United States for its venues in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. which earned him the reputation doing professional consultancy.

On his return to Riccione in 1997, he worked with another of Italy’s most revered and innovative chefs, Gianfranco Vissani at Ristorante Azzurra. His association with Italy’s rich and famous was established in 1998 while cooking for exclusive resort hotels including Hotel Oberosler, Dolci Hotels and Castello di Montegridolfo. In 2000, he left for Los Angeles for the opening of the famous Osteria Angelini. It was here that his skills were discovered by the Agnelli family – who took him as their personal chef.

After his venture with the Agnelli’s he was brought to Hong Kong by the Gaia Group, taking over the position of Executive Chef for Isola as well as three of the group’s successful restaurants – Isola Shanghai, Café Costa, Va Bene, and also their private off- site bakery and kitchen, for 7 years.

French Window Brasserie

French Window is a cosmopolitan brasserie offering a wide selection of authentic French brasserie dishes, fresh seafood and an impressive collection of French wines served in a casual and fun environment. The lively bar features beers and premium liquors from across Europe, with addition of an extensive and French-accented wine list that changes regularly to provide diversity.

Located in Hong Kong’s iconic ifc mall in Central, with inspirations from the culture of Parisian brasseries, French Window offers a glamorous and dynamic dining concept. It leads the way for serving the best-loved modern French cuisine in a buzzing and informal atmosphere with a view to thrill. The passionate team is trained to deliver a speedy and friendly service that creates an engaging dining experience.

Chef Matthieu Bonnier

Having mastered the intricacies of French cooking back in France, chef Bonnier first moved to the U.K. to further develop his skills at renowned French restaurants before finding himself spending the latter part of his career in Hong Kong and mainland China, designing menus as executive chef and planning banquets for corporate clients.

A native of Brittany, home to the famous Bélon oysters and blue lobsters, Chef Bonnier’s naturally keen on preserving the freshness and quality of ingredients. His challenge now is to transform the Brasserie experience he knew from back home to Hong Kong. When he’s not cooking, you can find chef Bonnier strolling through the local farmers’ market or enjoying his favourite dish, beef tartare.